Introducing Contest Judges


Cecilia Macaulay       

Cecilia has been a full-time Permaculture Designer, teacher and illustrator since 2002. Her students and customers are mostly mainstreamers, and mostly Japanese. Her strength is showing people that they have a huge surplus of talents, knowledge and stuff, and that sharing these will increase their quality of life and connectedness. She lives in Tokyo and harbour-side Sydney, and draws the quirky, love-filled worlds she wants to inhabit. Cecilia is a balcony gardener who writes with wisdom and joy about the values of growing one's own food and sharing home-cooked meals with friends, with an edible garden in sight.

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Katie Fullerton         

Katie Fullerton lives in Toronto and presently works with EcoSpark as a Live Green Toronto Community Animator. Her work - supporting Scarborough residents in getting green intiatives off the ground - has introduced her to some amazing gardeners both on the ground and on balconies. "The movement towards balcony gardening is on the increase in Scarborough - I find it amazing how a balcony garden can transform the look and feel of an apartment. And it never ceases to amaze me how creative people can be with both what they grow and the containers that they use." Her dream is to see so many balconies in bloom that they would be called the "Hanging Gardens of Scarborough"!

Katie is an avid gardener with a back and front yard garden of vegetables, native plants and perennials. 

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Zora Ignjatovic        

 Zora Ignjatovic, B.Sc. Agriculture, is Toronto’s lifelong activist in urban agriculture and food security. Passionate about sharing knowledge, stories and good food, Zora follows her heart as a freelance gardener, consultant and forager. Her calling is rooted in her early experiences growing and learning from her grandmother, Sophia, and from a deep understanding of the broken food system.

She has worked with Toronto Permaculture Project, Carrot Common Green Roof, FoodShare, Toronto Green Community, Live Green, Access Alliance, South Riverdale Health Centre, Jackman School garden and New Horizons seniors' garden. Zora searches for ways to help make our dreams of a resilient society come true by assisting communities to accept and celebrate diversity, bring joy to life, and create abundance and sustainability.  She searches for engaging networks of people involved in similar grassroots projects and supportive agencies to develop alliances, build community relationships, bridge differences and find synergies for the benefit of all. Zora's practice is deeply informed by the ethics and principles of permaculture that recognize nature as our best teacher. These days, she is particularly inspired by forest gardens (she planted an orchard this spring in Toronto and created Hugel culture gardenbeds in Muskoka) and sub-irrigation planters as a simple tool to inspire action. For Zora, the most valuable yield is the joy she harvests from growing new gardens, communities, farmers and rebuilding soil.  Good food is a delicious side product of her work!