Katie Fullerton    


Katie Fullerton lives in Toronto and presently works with EcoSpark as a Live Green Toronto Community Animator.  Her work - supporting Scarborough residents in getting green intiatives off the ground - has introduced her to some amazing gardeners both on the ground and on balconies.  "The movement towards balcony gardening is on the increase in Scarborough - I find it amazing how a balcony garden can transform the look and feel of an apartment. And it never ceases to amaze me how creative people can be with both what they grow and the containers that they use."   Her dream is to see so many balconies in bloom that they would be called the "Hanging Gardens of Scarborough"!

Katie is an avid gardener with a back and front yard garden of vegetables, native plants and perennials.


In response to our interview questions, from Cape Breton...


What inspired your passion for growing edibles in pots? 

It all started when I moved into my house many years ago. I wanted a bit of a privacy screen on my deck so I planted scarlett runner beans for the hummigbirds and pole beans for me. That first attempt was so successful that I have been eating and planting from those first plants for over 20 years! I love how containers can transform a deck into a new living space.

What is your favourite time of day to photograph garden plants?

I love the morning dew on plants but the best light is early evening.

Have you a most fascinating or surprising 'crops in pots' sighting to share?

The most surprising one was in California, and illegal, peeking over some fences I saw pot growing in pots. But the best I have seen are in Nova Scotia where old dorys are used to plant veggies and flowers. The sides of the boat protect plants from the wind and hold in the heat. Lots of folks use tires to plant potatoes and tomatoes. You can put water inside the tire. It heats up during the day and releases overnight. I would love to get a photo of the person in Newfoundland who grew tomatoes in old, huge satellite dishes!

Please offer one piece of advice to prospective contest entrants.

In taking the picture, try to raise the container to make sure it stands out and is at a good level for the photo.