Zora Ignjatovic   



My heart speaks through the images I capture. Since becoming acutely aware of the delicacy of life at each instant, I practice being very present in the moment. I accept the great impermanence of my life and sit in the garden observing small changes, full presence, and light.

I bought my first Canon Elf camera to help celebrate my precious moments. I was amazed to discover how many details remain hidden to my observing eyes. Photos and new technology, the ability to enlarge and zoom, give me the opportunity to go deeper into the experience of the moment, the joys of my life: the magic of nature, the gardens I work in, people, insects, colours and the vibration of food shared with family and friends.

Picture-taking has become an almost compulsive activity. I need to share my visual moments with people, especially those physically far from me but deeply connected in my heart. I am so grateful for the gifts I receive every day and want to share my passion with the world.

When my first Elf died, my friend Michael gave me a new one. I was moved to tears when he said that sharing was the reason for his gift. He believed that many people would then receive our gifts - through my eyes and his present.

Late summer is the time for harvest and sharing. Fruits of the season on my palm reflect my gratitude for received and shared food produced in containers, balconies, decks, small gardens and farms. Enjoy and share your images! We are ready to celebrate them.