Toronto’s First Edible Container
Garden Show - 2009

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Toronto’s first Edible Container Garden Show was held Saturday, August 8th, 2009 at Withrow Park Farmers' Market. The Show was a joint initiative of Withrow Park Farmers’ Market and Toronto Balconies Bloom set up to help spread enthusiasm and experience for growing edible plants in containers.

There were some 30 containers on display, exhibiting a wide range of crops-in-pots, imagination and possibilities. The result was an inspiring array of funky pots, from reconstructed kitchen items, recycled household ware and reclaimed hats and helmets, each at least 50% full of edible plants.

Lorraine Johnson, Gayla Trail and Paul Zammit brought their knowledge and passion to the event through their volunteer participation as judges.


Innovation: Marco Pagliarulo’s DIY balcony composter wowed audience and judges. Marco’s nifty composter was hidden within a fountain-like arrangement of pots filled with basil, parsley and tomatoes. Click here for a detailed description of how to make one for yourself.

Creativity: Nanthini Pirapa (of “Growing Together in St. James Town”) used pots recycled from a landscaper to create a thriving vegetable garden on her 18th floor balcony. Judges were especially excited by her ginger crop and clever technique for growing leeks that provides her family with a continual supply of fresh, organic onions through summer and fall.

Educational value: Natacha Diniz (of “DiscoverAbility”) brought an old apple-bushel barrel, given new life by the children of “Kids Get Growing” at the Carmelite Day Nursery. This hand-painted container with a 4-foot bean plant belonged to a trio of “three sisters” planting (corn, beans and pumpkins/squash). With Natacha’s presentation of the project, this wonderful pot revealed much about the value of ‘green’ education with children.

Aesthetic value: Eloise Carmichael’s container presented an eye-catching pineapple plant nested among a delightful display of purple basil, lavender, rosemary and ornamental peppers.

Honourable mention goes to Zora Ignjatovic for her helpful contribution to the event and presentation of the Living Food Box.