A west-end Toronto east-facing deck

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For almost 15 years I have been growing perennials in containers, and each year the results astonish and thrill me. My deck, in Parkdale, is quite spacious (approximately 10' x 15'). I have about 5+ hours of sun in the height of the summer.

All the “rules” of container gardening in our balmy Zone 6(ish) region are challenged by my continuing success. I have perennials that are more than 10 years old. For example, my aged hosta who never complains; and my reduced astilbe, who desperately needs a re-pot and some further loving care, but relentlessly still blooms with pride every spring. 

Without gardens, can we still be gardeners?  Can we have gardens that we develop, nurture and adore?  Can we watch, over years, our gardens grow without the benefit of garden plots and borders?

Yes we can!

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