A midtown Toronto north-facing balcony,
8th floor

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I started my balcony garden in 2011, making it 6 weeks old at photo time. It is on the 8th floor, facing due north. It is long and narrow so I made 3 areas: a sitting, dining and work area. (With the addition of a couple of stools, I can seat 8 people out there.) I sit out there every day and expect to do so until the end of October! The balcony is very bright but I still planted shade and semi-shade plants. 

The two cedar trees help to keep the focus on the balcony, especially while inside the apartment, looking out. It feels cooler looking at all that green! The 'black-eyed Susan vine' (Thunbergia) blooms continuously and is a quick way to 'green up' the walls. The fern is my only houseplant - it has doubled in size since moving outdoors. For winter, I will move both the cedar trees so that I can view the snow as it falls on the ivy and evergreens, all winter long!

The furnishings are mainly old or recycled! I purchased the 3 (brown) planters new this year ($23 each), as well as the chair cushions ($7). The green chairs are 20 years old. The rest has been recycled from the rubbish bin: this includes the 2 Rubbermaid planters and soil, the 2 trellises, the café table, the large round planter, the plant stand and corner table, bamboo rug, lantern and hurricane lamp.

Thank you Glen Hutzul