A North York south-west facing balcony, 8th floor

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Even though space is small, I have many pots, containers and planters with herbs and some vegetables. I believe in urban gardening and reusing/recycling so I grow my own plants and collect seeds for the next season or start them from scraps, as I did with the green onions, arugula, lettuce, potato vines, chilli peppers, basil and mint.

We enjoy the balcony very much during the summer months, day and night, especially the glider under the sun, with the scent of the fresh basil and rosemary lingering in the air! This balcony is our little oasis and it's amazing how the wood, the bright colors of the planters and pillows, the green "garden" and the scent of the herbs have such a relaxing effect on us!

Hoping that more people will see balconies as an extended living space that could be their own little oasis and a place to grow a little garden!

Thank you Maria Lykesa