A north Toronto, south-facing balcony,
10th floor

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From a balcony bonsai artist:

I am 10 floors up, so the air is less humid and the wind is stronger. Some plants I keep wind-sheltered so they get dappled sunlight.

I built an adjustable sun shade lattice, made all out of "garbage" — a single bed with drawers under it, now on its side with the drawers relocated and reworked, the chrome legs of a thrown out kitchen chair and some cedar mattress slats from another discarded bed. Cost about $8 for a bit of wood, outside corner mouldings and pine 1x2. Provides handy storage and work space, although now it is filled with plants. I have added a second level higher up, about 60% of its length, for shorter trees.

My orange "throne" gives an excellent view. The chair sits on a stand some 18-20 inches off the floor. I was sick of not being able to see over my safety height solid concrete railing. Most of the materials were scavenged from our buildings throw-aways. To get up in the chair, I built a little 3-step portable staircase, primarily a plastic milk carton, that fits under the shelving. (Caution: elevated furniture is not a concept suitable for families with children) . Other than the pots and plants, I've spent less than $50. There's a short nap orange carpet on the floor. I did not pick orange, it is just what was discarded - lucky they match!

As you can see, space is at a premium. When I took these photos, I had a common juniper bonsai catching the sunlight on the chair's seat. For perspective, note the pail lined with a plastic bag for garbage in the foreground. The bottom of the pail shows where the floor is.

Thank you Gene Hanson