A downtown Toronto, east-facing balcony,
20th floor

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Every summer I start my little balcony project, and this year the flowers are better than ever. The balcony is facing east, that's why I plant Petunias and Geraniums at the edge and hang Impatiens where there is less sunshine. This is a lesson learned from last year, when I planted many Impatiens and was less successful due to too much sun.

All the flowers mentioned above are cheap and easy to grow on a balcony - just water and timely fertilization will ensure a long bloom. Apart from the pots and hanging sets which can be re-used every year, all the flowers cost less than $40 in total when I buy them in packs around mother's day. Then you can enjoy non-stop bloom all summer. Since Petunias and Geraniums can also be cut flowers, this balcony also provides me fresh flowers for vases indoors.

For people live in high-rise buildings, hanging baskets can be dangerous due to the height and potential risk of the dangling basket. If anyone has trouble finding hanging flower boxes, I would recommend hanging bags which can be attached to the wall or the screen that divides two balconies. This way the bags can be secured. And you don't need to buy the garden bags sold in stores, any bag strong enough to hold the soil and water will do (just make sure it drains). Mine is $1 bag in purple and white. Bought at Dollarama - it looked very cute.

Thank you Clala Cheng