A north Toronto north-facing balcony,
22nd floor

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Our Blossoming Home (on the shadow side of life)

Many people reject a nice apartment because of what they consider to be a problem: the apartment has only one, but north-facing, balcony! The excuse for not gardening a north balcony is always the same: plants need light. But many flowers prosper without direct solar irradiation, which is good news for all the shady ones!

A city-dweller who wants to enjoy a personal little spot with living green and colour, and who has within them an inclination to nurture their pleasure in nature on their own turf, should not feel defeated by their north balcony. Even a balcony in the shade can become a blossoming paradise. While the dream of oleander, roses, diamond lilies and angel's trumpet must be buried, there are astonishingly many plants that renounce the sun and still blossom wonderfully. Much that prospers in garden shade or half-shade will succeed in a balcony container. The central issue is that the vessel has a suitable volume: better larger than too small!

Our high-rise apartment is built on a very large property surrounded by a large green area with a lot of healthy trees. The charming valley of the 'Little Don', surrounded by primeval forest, is like an untouched wilderness. We have an unobstructed view far to the north, which provides a feeling of nearly unlimited freedom.

This is a small homage to our wonderful environment in an urban area with more than 5.5 million people. We consider ourselves more than happy and ever so grateful for a small, almost private, paradise.

Thank you Barbara and Willy