A downtown Toronto, east-facing balcony,
14th floor

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We live in the Annex area on the 14th floor of an apartment building. Over the six years I have lived here, I have learned that the easiest climbing plants to care for, with the prettiest flowers, to cover the walls and climb up poles, are morning glories and scarlett runners. I use seeds left by past years' blooms, now going into their 6th year. I do change the soil.

My hanging boxes contain bacopa, which, again, I grow from last year's seeds. I have added some impatience in the boxes to give a bit of red colour, and have a few plastic bags hanging from the dividers which also contain impatience.

The other blooms are geraniums. They have been blooming since the middle of May and continue to provide gorgeous coloured blooms.

As there is no water outlet on the balcony, I invested in two house hoses (the length of one would not be sufficient to reach the other side of the balcony).

I fertilize approximately every two weeks.

Our balcony garden gives us a wonderful oasis during the summer, plus a source of great pleasure derived from keeping my fingers in the soil, no doubt a genetic inheritance from generations ago.

Thank you Neil