A south Etobicoke, south-facing balcony, 3rd floor

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I'm an avid balcony gardener, have been for the past couple of years. I've got one hanging tomato plant, four types of heirloom tomatoes (two to a pot), a huge storage bin that has a bundle of different herbs, green onions, several types of mint, some flowers for the bees, lavender, a hanging ivy and catnip on the floor for my cat.

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Landscape Ontario's 2009 Casey van Maris Award winner

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Environmental Design Landscaping Contractors Ltd. won this award for unique and innovative execution of design in landscaping, transforming a carport into a beautiful balcony space. The site challenge was to change a nondescript garden into a modern garden one with a strong aesthetic. A tired 20'x 20' inner city garden bounded by wood fencing and a picket fence looked over the parking area. The carport roof was used to visually increase the size of the garden. The carport garden area was designed using an intensive green roof approach.

Landscape Ontario award winners

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